The "19 Days of Edgar" Day 6

Jan. 6 Well, so far, so good. We’ve made it to day six, and everybody’s still insane. Celebrating Edgar Allan Poe’s 202nd birthday coming up on January 19, and each day there’s something new and on sale in The Rots’ Edgar and Chloe store.

Day six is pretty straight-forward: Magnets.

Square magnets: (one size of 2″)

and round magnets (three sizes of 1¼” 2¼” and 3″)

Zazzle is still offering an additional 20.11% off if you order by midnight tomorrow night and use the code 2011NEWYEARS when you order. Not only that, you’ll get free shipping if you order $50 or more!

Magnets will be available for the lowest price that Zazzle will allow for the next 24 hours. Tomorrow evening around this time I’ll post something new in the Edgar and Chloe store, and magnets will revert to their regular price.

You can read about the 19 Days of Edgar here.