The "19 Days of Edgar" Day 5

Jan. 5 Ooh hoo! And welcome to day 5! Just celebrating the 202nd birthday of Edgar Allan Poe with some great deals on Rotty Edgar stuff.

First off, thanks to everybody for your support. I wasn’t sure if all the work that would be going into this project would be worth it, but you’re proving that it is. Thank you thank you!

Second off, day five is postcard day!

Postcard #1: Edgar and Chloe

Postcard #2: Chloe

Also included and coming in at #3: Postcard postage to send said postcards (make sure you choose $0.28 in the “Choose rate” option if you’re in the United States)

In case you haven’t heard, Zazzle is also offering 20.11% off your order (that’s over and above the discount The Rots are offering) when you use the code 2011NEWYEARS as you check out. This discount code will expire Thursday, January 6.

Postcards and postage will be available for the lowest price that Zazzle will allow for the next 24 hours. Tomorrow evening around this time I’ll post something new in the Edgar and Chloe store, and these products will revert to their regular price.

You can read about the 19 Days of Edgar here.

P.S. Did you know there will be a full moon this year on the 19th? Cool.