The Art of Tim Burton

Guess what I totally got for Christmas!

(My family rocks!)

And as if my family doesn’t rock enough, I actually received two (!) copies for Christmas! But those nice people at Steeles Publishing were great. They took back the extra copy even though it wasn’t within their return time frame (of seven days!).

So I guess it’s looking like Steeles Publishing rocks, too!

[Please check back in February to see what my replacement gift for the duplicate book turned out to be. Oh, yeah.]

I’ve managed to look through about half of the book so far, and it looks really, really sharp. I have to keep wiping the drool off the pages, but still. Lots of fold-outs of extra long pages when drawings come in a series that needs to stay together. Lots of sketches that weren’t meant to be seen by human eyes. Lots and lots of inspiration. And drool.

(an example of one of those massive fold-outs)

One tiny problem might be the black linen cover which will definitely get dirty from all the fondling and which will definitely be impossible to keep clean. I made a dust jacket for mine out of an old sheet of black drawing paper that I decided I’m never going to draw on.

I’m a nerd, I know. But I’m a happy, happy nerd with an awesome book with massive fold-outs and drool warming my drawing desk. I’ve learned to deal with it.