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Recycling TreeEnvironmental responsibility

I try to keep my shop and studio running as green as possible, from recycling and sourcing recycled materials to using environmentally sustainable printing sources. As you can see below, I take great care in which businesses and products I choose to use. This is a very important aspect of who I am and how I want to run my studio. Here are some of the resources I use and ways I’m doing my best to give the world back a little oxygen.

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Art supplies
Packaging materials




Trees Water & PeopleSmartpress

I was attracted to Smartpress because of their commitment to being green, but as an added bonus their printing work is phenomenal.
Green printing and
Tree planting program

Lightning SourceLightning Source

I use Lightning Source to print my books and as a print-on-demand resource. Lightning Source is certified with the Forest Stewardship Council, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification.
Chain of custody

Got GreenGot Print

GotPrint offers paper products that are recycled from certified sustainable production systems, and contain recovered fibers from post-consumer sources. They also use eco-friendly inks and solvents based on soy.
GotPrint GotGreen

PsPrintPS Print

When I need postcards, I use PS Print. They’re an eco-friendly printing company, and offer a choice of recycled paper stocks and soy-based inks. They automatically print orders at the plant closest to where the order needs to be shipped to, which reduces the shipping distance and cuts fossil fuel emissions.
Eco-friendly printing


For our everyday office and studio printing, we use a Brother printer. They are committed to conducting environmental conservation activities all over the world as well as developing eco-conscious products. I also use a Brother sewing machine in the studio.
Brother Earth

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Pair NetworksPair Networks

Not only is Pair Networks a local business (located in nearby Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), but they are committed to doing their part for the environment. I use them both to host my websites and for purchasing and managing my domain names.
(Their site has changed, and I’m waiting to hear from them about a new link.)

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Art supplies


AmpersandAmpersand Hardbords

When I’m not painting on scrap wood, I use Ampersand Hardbords which are made from Forest Stewardship Council certified forests.
Painting on Ampersand Hardbord
Green is more than just a color choice

Strathmore WindpowerStrathmore Windpower Sketch Books

I do much of my sketching in Strathmore Windpower Sketch Books. Strathmore purchases wind power energy in the form of renewable energy credits which are certified through the Green-e® Marketplace Program.
Strathmore Windpower

Clear Creek ProductsClean Creek Products

Clean Creek Products, from nearby Mars, Pennsylvania, markets the metals recovered in treating abandoned coal mine drainage. Proceeds from their products are used to fund further restoration efforts and maintain existing treatment systems.
Acid mine drainage, treatment and recovery of metal solids

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Packaging materials


Office DepotOffice Depot

I recycle my depleted ink tanks at Office Depot and use their brand of bubble wrap because it contains 20% post-consumer recycled content, but the office supplier doesn’t stop there.
Their approach and commitment to going green
What makes a product green?
Recycling and carbon footprint reduction
Selling green products


For my prints I use ClearBags backing boards (made from 100% recycled fiber) and protective sleeves (10% recycled polypropylene).
Backing board
Protective sleeves


I ship my books in Duck Brand Caremail mailers which were produced using 95% recycled content and 55% post-consumer content. They can also be recycled after use.

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Westmoreland CleanwaysWe take full advantage of our local recycling centers, recycling our glass, plastic, paper, aluminum and electronics.

I use the “two-sided” printing option on my home printer when I can, but when I have something I’ve printed single-sided that I don’t need anymore, I turn it over and print on the back side. Once I’m completely finished with it, we burn it and fold the remaining ashes into our compost pile.

Sometimes, instead of printing on the back side of paper, I cut the sheets into fourths and paste the stacks at the edges to make recycled notepads.

Loyalhanna Watershed AssociationMountain Watershed AssociationWe donate to our local watershed associations.
Loyalhanna Watershed Association
Mountain Watershed Association

We use the water our dehumidifier collects to wash laundry and hang our clothes to dry when weather conditions permit.

We heat our house using wood from our property that came down through the years from storm or wind damage.

Seventh GenerationWe use Seventh Generation paper and cleaning products, both at home and in the studio.
Seventh Generation focuses on their environmental impact

Unless it’s too cold, we only heat the rooms we are using.

TimberlandWhen I need to socialize, I’m most comfortable in boots, and I use Timberland.
Timberland takes their responsibility seriously

We use reusable canvas bags when we buy groceries.

I repurpose the crumbled kraft paper that businesses use when they ship things to me by shredding the paper to reuse in my own packaging.

logoGreenCenturyWe invest our money in Green Century Funds.
Environmental investing
Forest protection campaign

We leave much of our property in its naturally wild state, only cutting about one-fourth of our acreage. Allowing the grass to grow naturally rather than cutting a perfectly manicured lawn cuts down on fossil fuel consumption. The trees also provide shade, and the space becomes a healthy ecosystem for wildlife.

We compost everything we possibly can.

For health, moral and environmental reasons, I have been a vegetarian since January 1993.

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National Resources Defense CouncilNational Resources Defense Council


Arbor Day FoundationArbor Day Foundation


Sierra ClubSierra Club


Nature ConservancyNature Conservancy


Wildlife WorksWildlife Works


Western Pennsylvania ConservancyWestern Pennsylvania Conservancy


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