Sketchbook Project Limited Edition #sketchbookproject

Alright. Now I did it. I went and signed up for another Sketchbook Project, this time the Limited Edition version.

I’m such a sucker.

But I have a plan: I’m planning on filling it with Square Kats that I would like to eventually paint and include in a calendar (or two). So really, it will be totally useful in the future.

For the actual Sketchbook Project sketchbook, I’ve decided to use some of my new Pitt Artist pens. Well, some of them are new just because I haven’t used them yet (although I bought them to try out almost a year and a half ago), and the rest of them are so new I haven’t received the order I placed for them in the mail yet.

If you’re not familiar with the Sketchbook Project, here’s a rundown:

  1. I order a sketchbook from the Art House Co-op and pick a “theme” (my theme is Pictures and descriptions)
  2. They send a sketchbook specifically for me, with a bar code on the back identifying me and my sketchbook
  3. I draw in said sketchbook (this seems to be the part that’s taking the longest)
  4. I send the sketchbook back to the Art House Co-op (in Brooklyn, NY)
  5. They scan all the pages of my sketchbook and include them in their digital library and post them on their site
  6. The sketchbooks are cataloged as a permanent fixture of the Brooklyn Art Library, available for patrons around the world to enjoy (hopefully)
  7. Every time someone “checks out” my sketchbook it will be logged through the bar code on the back, and I will receive an email that it was checked out
  8. At least one full spread from my sketchbook will be included in a series of art books along with other Sketchbook Project sketchbook pages from other artists
  9. That’s it

They limited the number of sketchbooks for this project to 5,000, and all 5,000 sketchbooks have been grabbed up.

I’m thinking I must be crazy, for a couple of reasons (not the regular reasons this time). First, do I really think I have time for another Sketchbook Project? Not really, but the lure of getting my illustrations in a book was too much to pass up. And second, those Pitt Artist Pens aren’t the cheapest things in the world. And I went and bought a crapload. But they were on sale. With free shipping if I spent enough money.

Yeah, I must be crazy.