Rodney @ 10

Happy birthday to The Rots!

The Rots turn 10 years old today, and every five years I plan on painting a new version of Rodney in the style I’m currently using when their birthday rolls around. Rodney was the very first Rot I ever drew on June 29, 2006, and has come to symbolize the birth of The Rots.

Here’s the painting of Rodney I did for his 10th birthday:

Rodney @ 10

I changed the table to a round one and tweaked all the colors one more time. I tried adding a clown pattern on the table, but ended up painting over it; it just made things a little too busy.

So have yourself a piece of cake (or a snifter of cognac, if that’s your celebration of choice) to celebrate with The Rots today!

In case you missed it, I’ve been posting in-progress reports on this painting, and here are the links to those:

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