The "19 Days of Edgar" Day 14

Jan. 14 Only five days left until Edgar Allan Poe’s 202nd birthday, but we’ve been celebrating all month long. Over in The Rots’ Edgar and Chloe store, you’ll find something new and on sale every day until the big day. And then you won’t. But never mind that now; that isn’t happening until next week, so carpe diem!

Today’s something: Aprons.

Edgar and Chloe aprons

Just Chloe aprons

You can choose from three different sizes, and if you like the Chloe-by-herself version, you can also choose from three different colors (the Edgar and Chloe ones didn’t look so good on anything but white, so there you go). All the aprons will be on sale for the next 24 hours, after which time they will revert to their regular prices and I’ll post something new and, as it turns out, also on sale.

I explain the whole idea of the “19 Days of Edgar” here.