The "19 Days of Edgar" Day 11

Jan. 11 So we’ve made it past the halfway point, and I guess we might as well see this thing to the end. Edgar Allan Poe’s 202nd birthday is next Wednesday, January 19, and all month I’ve been posting new Rots stuff on Zazzle. Something new and different each day, and totally on sale.

Today’s new and different and totally on sale: Stationery

Edgar and Chloe stationery

Just Edgar stationery

Just Chloe stationery

And! The envelopes to send your stationery

And! The postage to put on the envelopes to send your stationery

Got you covered.

All this stuff will be on sale for the next 24 hours at the lowest price possible. Tomorrow evening I’ll post something new, and the stuff listed above will revert to its regular price.

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