Lucie the Square Kat

LucieI’ve finally posted my latest Square Kat online which I actually finished painting over a month ago. Her name is “Lucie,” and you can talk amongst yourselves as to why that is.

I was waiting to post her so I could launch her along with the very new Rots online shop! I’ve been working hard putting the shop together—and it will officially launch tomorrow—but here’s a sneak peak.

The Rots are still available on Zazzle stuff, but I wanted to have a place to sell the stuff I had made by hand: hand-bound sketchbooks, necklaces and prints (so far). I still have things that I haven’t had a chance to include in the shop yet (bookmarks, cards, pins), and I’ll post them in between working on the new Rots that I’ll be painting and drawing.

And speaking of Zazzle and Lucie, here are the things she’s available on over there.