Free Valentines for all you procrastinators

It’s February 12. You do know that Valentine’s Day is Monday, right? And you’ve already bought the card, right? And mailed it so it can get to where it’s going on time, right?


Yeah. I didn’t think so.

O.K. Fine.

I’ve uploaded some free Valentines for you to download and print. Here are four choices to pick from, all 4¼” wide x 5½” tall:

Download (313 KB)
Download (296 KB)
Download (243 KB)
Download (260 KB)

I’ve tested them, so they should be O.K., but if you have any problems with the download, just let me know.

As far as delivery goes, you’re on your own. You’ll probably have to hand deliver it now. Sorry about all that “face-to-face” stuff, but I can’t do everything for you.