Emma (in progress 3)

Emma (in progress)

Now we’re getting somewhere.

I’ve worked on Emma’s face, hair and hands which you can see in the top image. The middle image is a close-up of her face to that point (but by the time I shot the bottom image I had added a little more red into her ears).

On the bottom, I’ve blocked in most of her dress along with the parts of it that will have some shading. She’s very patient with me and turning out to be a real sweetheart!

Emma (in progress)

Heading into the home stretch now.

In the top image I worked on Emma’s dress a little more, and her brooch. I keep going back to her face and hair and the background though, so a little more color in all those things. The stick bird thingy she’s holding just has an underpainting on it until I figure out what color I want it to be, probably not electric blue.

The bottom photo shows a close-up of her brooch, and it also shows the nice texture I’m getting from the gesso primer and using a drybrush technique. I’m trying iridescent gold Liquitex acrylic for the brooch frame. I’ll add some shading and highlights to it before it’s finished.