Edgar’s vest has come to an end

Worked some more on Edgar and Chloe this afternoon. I would consider Edgar’s vest finished (the close-up is below), but his coat is only underpainted at this point. I’m satisfied with how everything’s turning out so far.

And I had an idea.

This whole painting was meant as a celebration of Edgar’s birthday on January 19th. So starting January 1st (and running through the 19th, of course), I’m going to celebrate the “19 days of Edgar” by creating a different product on Zazzle each day using this painting for each of the designs. I’ll upload one design each evening and give everybody a heads up of each product’s availability. After the notice, everyone has 24 hours to purchase that specific product at a reduced price. After 24 hours a new product will be released, and the price on the product from the day before will repost to its regular price.

That’s it. That’s my light bulb for today.

As you were.