Day 5 of 31 Day Challenge #RottyHalloween

I’ve challenged myself to draw something for Halloween every day in October, and The Rots’ Facebook followers are holding me to it (I hope).

My new version of Nosferatu. I drew it in ASKetch again, but this one turned out so much better than yesterday’s. I took a little extra time before I started drawing to read through how to use the tools (duh).

Very, very easy app to learn, and I’m satisfied with the results. The only thing I would want to add is layers. I like to experiment as I go and duplicating the image to experiment on a new version doesn’t really work the way adding layers does for me. I know the app is primarily for sketching an idea so, really, no complaints about the results. The charcoalish strokes are just so beautiful, you want it to be a final!