Camul painting in progress

The progression of Camul: Report #1

I decided to scan Camul in as I go, and I’m trying to line up the images into one file in Photoshop so I’ll be able to put an animation together of the progress. I’ll post that animation here when he’s finished.

This first image is just the original sketch transferred to the birch wood where I’ll be doing the final painting.

Not much to see here.
Just move along.

This second image probably looks a little odd, but it’s just at the underpainting stage. If I gessoed the board the way I hope I did (and I’m hoping I did), there will be enough texture so when I start painting subsequent layers, parts of this underpainting will still be visible in the valleys of the gesso texture. At least, that’s the plan.

When I decide to use an underpainting, I try to underpaint the complimentary color of what the final color of the area will be, as in, the final sky will be purple with a yellow underpainting, and the final sand will be yellow with a purple underpainting.

In this case, the two colors I’m using for the final painting (purple and yellow) are also complimentary colors to each other. I’m a little worried it might get boring with too much of a lack of color, so I might have to interject colors that really shouldn’t be there. I’ll deal with that dilemma when it happens.